Swiss Serum Facial     

1 hour  –  £32.00
Swiss serums are a cocktail of plant extracts which are designed to renew and freshen your skin from the inside out.

Aromatherm De-stress Facial     

1 hour  –  £32.00

Using pre-blended oils and heated mask, this relaxing facial will help hydrate,
calm and re-balance you skin.

Swiss Purifying Facial     

1 hour  –  £44.00
This ultra-pure blend rehydrates and balances your skin, leaving you with crystal clear skin. Suitable for all ages.

Vitamin C Facial     

1 hour  –  £44.00
A facial that targets redness, pigmentation, rosacea and sun damage. A fantastic anti-ageing treatment.

Capillary Balm Facial     

1 hour  –  £44.00
A facial to combat damaged capillaries which soothes and softens skin. A wonderful healing treatment.

Collagen Facial     

1¼ hours  –  £44.00
A unique mask treatment. A pure sheet of collagen is applied to the face to produce immediate results. Collagen is intensely moisturising and softens fine lines. The effect is total re-hydration.

Collagen and Cell-tox Facial     

1¼ hours  –  £45.00
The ultimate anti-ageing treatment. A pure sheet of collagen is applied to the face to produce immediate results. A Cell-tox ampoule and firming cream are applied to the skin resulting in a noticeably firmer complexion.

Caviar & White Truffle Facial     

1 hour  –  £45.00
Hyloronic Acid & White Truffle Mark, a fantastic hydrating and anti-aging treatment.

Teen Facial     

1 hour  –  £25.00
A deep cleansing facial that is ideal for problem teenage skin.

Detoxing & Recharging Facial     

1¼ hours  –  £49.00
TA deep cleansing facial including steam, decongesting eye mask and a deep
cleansing Swiss plant mask.


Luminosity Facial    

1¼ hours  –  £49.00
A lightening and brightening treatment for all skin types. Helps to reduce
pigmentation, adds moisture, nourishes and soothes the skin and has an antiinflamatory
effect. Includes hand treatment.

Vitamin C Power Plus Facial

1¼ hours  –  £49.00

A fantastic anti-ageing treatment containing vitamins A, C and E. Products
have an immediate and long lasting effect. Suitable for all skin types.

Phyto Deluxe Lifting Facial

1¼ hours  –  £50.00

This facial combats photo-ageing, hormonal and chronological skin ageing. It
delays ageing of essential skin cells and improves the vitality of skin stem cells.
Includes hand treatment.

Skin Whisperer Facial

1¼ hours  –  £60.00
A new and powerful anti-ageing Mila D'Opiz complex. This facial reverses the
skin ageing process and boosts collagen and elastin. The products used
contain four plant stem cells.

Skin Rejuvination Facial

1¼ hours  –  £49.00
This treatment includes 30 minutes of microdermabraision, 15 minutes of A-Lift
lymph drainage, 15 minutes of skin rejuvenation and a 15 minute Swiss facial

Diamond Touch Microdermabrasion

The gentle way to a younger complexion, Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical
procedure offering safe and controlled skin abrasion, leaving the skin feeling softer
and looking beautifully pure. Ideal for all skin types.

Course of 4 - £100

Course of 8 - £180

30 minute Monthly Rejuvenate Treatment - £30

15 minutes added to any facial - £10


A-Lift is the next generation of anti-ageing skin treatments. The nannocurrent works
with your own skin frequency and creates a personalised treatment that is unique to
you. A-Lift will improve fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness & dark circles. It also tones and firms
muscles and increases circulation to give the skin an airbrush effect.


Non-Surgical Face Lift - Course of 10 - £380

Monthly Rejuvenate Treatment - 1 Hour - £40

Intensive Eye Treatment - 30 mins - £26

Glycolic Facial Peel
Glycolic acid skin peels work by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new cell
regeneration, leading to fresher, more radiant skin.
Benefits include skin cell stimulation, improved skin purity, increased skin moisture,
stimulated collagen function and reduced wrinkles.

Course of 6 - £150

Monthly Rejuvenate Treatment - 30 mins - £25

Dermaplane Facial

This is a deep exfoliating treatment using a surgical scalpel to remove the top most layer of dead skin along with vellus hair (peach fuzz).  Product penetration is deeper. 

45 mins –  £49.00 

1¼ hours  –  £65.00

4T Medical Microneedling Treatment

A non-surgical and non-ablative treatment for skin conditions such as aging, wrinkles, scarring & hyperpigmentation.  Suitable for all skin types to stimulate the natural production of new collagen and elastin.

1 Session - £125
Course of 3 - £330

LED Light Therapy Mask
A mask treatment that stimulates collagen and elastin, while minimising redness and wrinkles.  Helps uneven skin tine and regulates natural oil production.

This can be a stand alone treatment or added to any facial.
Price on application.